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0.967.090 Tandem 220V

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0.967.090 Tandem 220V
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  • Stock: Out Of Stock
  • Product Code: SI630
  • SKU: SI630
  • Part Number: S800375
Part No.S800375
This Gas Valve Solenoid Fits The Following Boilers:
ManufacturerBoiler ModelBoiler GC No.
Saunier DuvalXeon 30FF41-920-23
Saunier DuvalXeon 40FF41-920-24
Saunier DuvalXeon 50FF41-920-25
Saunier DuvalXeon 60FF41-920-26
Saunier DuvalXeon 80FF41-920-27
Glowworm40 Back Boiler44-047-01
Glowworm50 Back Boiler44-047-02
Glowworm56/3E Back Boiler44-047-04
Glowworm56/3Pp Back Boiler 
GlowwormEcomomy 80FF - Serial Number 3037 
GlowwormEconomy 40FF - Serial Number 14451 
GlowwormEconomy 50FF - Serial Number 14255 
GlowwormEconomy 60FF - Serial Number 3989 
GlowwormEconomy Plus 30F41-319-29
GlowwormEconomy Plus 40F41-319-30
GlowwormEconomy Plus 50F41-319-31
GlowwormEconomy Plus 60F41-319-63
GlowwormEconomy Plus 80F41-319-64
GlowwormEnergysaver 3041-319-78
GlowwormEnergysaver 30E41-319-76
GlowwormEnergysaver 4041-319-69
GlowwormEnergysaver 40E41-319-77
GlowwormEnergysaver 40P41-319-72
GlowwormEnergysaver 5041-319-70
GlowwormEnergysaver 50E41-319-94
GlowwormEnergysaver 50P41-319-73
GlowwormEnergysaver 6041-319-71
GlowwormEnergysaver 60E41-319-95
GlowwormEnergysaver 60P41-319-74
GlowwormEnergysaver 8041-319-84
GlowwormEnergysaver 80E41-047-25
GlowwormEnergysaver 80P41-319-85
GlowwormFuelsaver 100F41-313-32
GlowwormInset BBU 40 Back Boiler 
GlowwormMicron 100FF41-047-22
GlowwormMicron 120FF41-047-23
GlowwormMicron 30FF41-047-16
GlowwormMicron 40FF41-047-17
GlowwormMicron 50FF41-047-18
GlowwormMicron 60FF41-047-19
GlowwormMicron 70FF41-047-20
GlowwormMicron 80FF41-047-21
GlowwormSpace Saver Complheat 3041-319-42
GlowwormSpace Saver Complheat 4041-319-43
GlowwormSpace Saver Complheat 5041-319-44
GlowwormSpace Saver Complheat 6041-319-45
GlowwormSpace Saver Complheat 7041-319-46
GlowwormSpace Saver Kfb 2041-319-22
GlowwormSpace Saver Kfb 3041-319-08
GlowwormSpace Saver Kfb 4041-319-09
GlowwormSpace Saver Kfb 5041-319-10
GlowwormSpace Saver Kfb 6041-319-11
GlowwormSpace Saver Kfb 7041-319-12
GlowwormUltimate 100FF41-319-61
GlowwormUltimate 120FF41-319-75
GlowwormUltimate 30FF41-047-07
GlowwormUltimate 40FF41-047-13
GlowwormUltimate 50FF41-047-14
GlowwormUltimate 60FF41-047-15
GlowwormUltimate 70FF41-047-57
GlowwormUltimate 80FF41-047-58
Heating Spares
Part TypeGas Valves

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