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Air Pressure Switches

Air Pressure Switches for the most common boilers. An air pressure switch is commonly used in older boilers to detect the correct running of the fan. When the fan runs it creates a pressure difference that make the airpressure switch activate and close an electrical contact. This is monitored by the pcb which then allows the boiler to fire up. It is a vital safety part of the boiler to ensure the correct venting of toxic gases prodoced by the boiler.
Manufacturer: Alpha Product Code: ALAP117
Part No. 6.5629560 This Part Fits The Following Appliances: Manufacturer Boiler Model Boiler GC No. Alpha 240 47-532-04 Alpha 240 ECO 47-532-05 Alpha 240E 47-532-06 Alpha 240E LPG   Alpha 240P..
Manufacturer: Baxi Product Code: AP105
PART NO :HONEYWELL  NO : C6065A1135  Air Pressure Switch for:Baxi Potterton  ..
Manufacturer: Potterton Product Code: AP107
Part No. 642236 This Air Pressure Switch Fits The Following Appliances: Manufacturer Boiler Model Boiler GC No. Potterton Suprima 100 41-607-82 Potterton Suprima 30 41-607-75 Potterton Suprima 40 ..
Manufacturer: Halstead Product Code: AP108
PART NO.: 500571- 571651Honeywell No:  C6065A 1002Air Pressure Switch For: HALSTEAD BEST 30 HALSTEAD BEST 30 from Aug 2001 HALSTEAD BEST 40 HALSTEAD BEST 40 from Aug 2001 HALSTEAD BEST 40P HALSTEAD BEST 50 HALSTEAD BEST 60 HALSTEAD BEST 60 from Aug 2001 HALSTEAD BES..
Manufacturer: Honeywell Product Code: AP110
Will Replace Most Air Pressure Switches.Adjustable from 4 - 6 mBar caHoneywell Adjustable Multifit air pressure switchSimply Install And Turn The Adjustable Screw Untill The Boiler Comes On.C6065A1058 Same As C6065A1085 C6065A1028:2 ..
Manufacturer: Radiant Product Code: AP111
Part No. 59006LA This Air Pressure Switch Fits The Following Appliances: Manufacturer Boiler Model Boiler GC No. Radiant RS 20E 41-651-02 Radiant RS 20P 41-651-01 Radiant RS 24E 41-651-04 Radiant RS 24P 4..
Manufacturer: Potterton Product Code: AP112
Compatible Air Pressure Switch For:Potterton Netaheat Profile 30E-80EPotterton Profile 30-80Part No. 64220802Will Fit The Follwing modelsHoneywell No.  C6065A1390 - C6065FH1102:2This part is a replacement compatible and will fit the Honeywell no : C6065A1390 ..
Manufacturer: Radiant Product Code: AP114
Honeywell C6065A H1095Air Pressure Switch For:RadiantPart No: 59001LA ..
Manufacturer: Sime Product Code: AP115
Honeywell C6065F1050Air Pressure Switch For:Sime Friendly (P.Pilot)Sime Friendly ESime Super 80Sime Super 90Part no: 6225702 ..
Manufacturer: Baxi Product Code: AP116
PART NO.: 230068SUPERSEDED: 9011039HONEYWELL NO : C6065F 1068Air Pressure Switch For:Baxi Solo 2 30-80 Pf 0.5 mbar ..
Manufacturer: Ferroli Product Code: AP118
Part No. 39805630 This Part Fits The Following Appliances: Manufacturer Boiler Model Boiler GC No. Ferroli Domina 80E Mf01 47-267-23 Ferroli Domina 80E Mf02 47-267-23 Ferroli Domina 80E Mf03 47-267-23 Ferroli ..
Manufacturer: Biasi Product Code: AP119
Honeywell C6065F H1227 Air Pressure Switch For: BIASI 20SE BIASI 28SE BIASI 24S BIASI 28S BIASI 24SER BIASI 24SR BIASI 424S BIASI 428S BIASI 428S BIASI 424R..
Manufacturer: Chaffoteaux Product Code: AP120
Manufacturer: Saunier Duval Product Code: AP121
Honeywell C6065Fh 1052 Air Pressure Switch for:Saunier DuvalSd05600800 ..
Manufacturer: Dungs Product Code: AP220
Air Pressure Switch For:Dungs .8Mbar ..
Manufacturer: Chaffoteaux Product Code: AP240
Air Pressure Switch For: Dungs Chaffoteaux  ..
Manufacturer: Vokera Product Code: AP312
Air Pressure Switch For:Vokera 20/80Vokera 24/96Vokera Excell 80EVokera 96EVokera Mynute 12/48Vokera Mynute 14-48 ..
Manufacturer: Potterton Product Code: AP313
Air Pressure Switch For:Potterton Profile 100E ..
Manufacturer: Baxi Product Code: AP314
PART NO :  0.380.043  226060Air Pressure Switch For:Baxi Solo Wm30/4Baxi Solo Wm40/4Baxi Solo Wm50/4Baxi Solo Wm70/4 ..
Manufacturer: Biasi Product Code: AP320
Air Pressure Switch For:Natalini Biasi 24SBiasi 24SrBiasi Prisma 24 Ser Sealed System Boiler Biasi Prisma 28Se ..
Manufacturer: Biasi Product Code: AP325
Part No. KI1267103 This Air Pressure Switch Fits The Following Boilers: Manufacturer Boiler Model Boiler GC No. Biasi Garda HE M96.24SM/B 47-970-25 Biasi Garda HE M96.24SM/B2 47-583-03 Biasi Garda HE Silver M96.24SM/D 4..
Manufacturer: Ferroli Product Code: AP410
 Ferroli Air Pressure SwitchFerroli Combi Ferroli Domicompact F24B Ferroli Domicompact F30B Ferroli Domicondens F24 Ferroli Domicondens F28 Ferroli F24B Ferroli Hawk Ferroli Hawk 2 Ferroli Optima Ferroli Roma 55 Ff Ferroli Talent Ferroli Tempra Ferroli XignalHUBA 47/12 PA&nbs..
Manufacturer: Vaillant Product Code: AP510
Air Pressure Switch For:0020018138Vaillant AquaplusVaillant ThermocompactVaillant Turbomax PlusVaillant Turbomax ProVaillant Vu Vaillant Vuw ..
Manufacturer: Sime Product Code: AP610
Air Pressure Switch For:Sime Super 102 De-LuxeSime Super FourSime Super Four Revised ..
Manufacturer: Sime Product Code: AP620
Air Pressure Switch For:Sime Friendly Format 80Sime Friendly Format 80ESime Friendly Format TechnylSime Planet Dewy 90Sime Super 90 Mk2 ..
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