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Built in boiler clocks both digital and mechanical. Built in clocks are mounted in the facia of the boiler and are used to turn the heating on and off automatically based on the settings programmed by the user

Manufacturer: Baxi Product Code: BADV3341
Baxi 243341 Diverter Valve Plastic Motorised Head Part Number 243341Honeywell VC4012Fits The Following Models :Baxi 100 HE Baxi Combi 80 HE Plus Baxi Combi 100 HE Plus Baxi Combi 133 HE Plus Baxi Combi  130 HE Baxi HE100 ..
Manufacturer: Baxi Product Code: CL110
24 Hours Mechanical Multifit Timer 240 VoltVokeraFerroliBaxiPottertonMain Product Description:• General purpose timeswitch  • Designed to mount directly into a boiler • 15 Minute tappet intervals • 16 Amp resistive, 8 Amp inductive • Captive tappets • Timed / OFF / constant..
Manufacturer: Heatline Product Code: CL116
Digital Programmer Timer / Clock For:Heatline Compact Heatline Solaris Heatline Vizo7 Day programmer 6 on / off per day Built In battery backup 24V ..
Manufacturer: Ravenheat Product Code: CL120
Time Clock (Digital) For:Ravenheat CsiRavenheat LittlestarRavenheat 82ETRavenheat 84ETRavenheat 100ETRavenheat SilverstarRavenheat WhitestarRavenheat 820/20 ..
Manufacturer: Biasi Product Code: CL705
Biasi Timer For:Biasi 24SBiasi 28SPart No.: Bi1015112Superseded: Bg1015112Use Compatible Version Cl.710 ..
Manufacturer: Ferroli Product Code: FECL110
Manufacturers Part Number: 1210565 . 39800510 24 Hours Mechanical Multifit Timer 240 Volt Fits The Following ;FERROLI COMBI 76 FERROLI COMBI 77 FERROLI OPTIMA 800 FERROLI OPTIMA 900Product Description:• General purpose timeswitch  • Designed to mount directly into a boiler • 15..
Manufacturer: Glowworm Product Code: GLCL115
Glowworm Mechanical Clock for Betacom 24C 30CReplaces 0020061649Please note the dial on these are in blackthe picture is showing different due to old picIf un sure please contact before purchase   Compatible Part No. 0020061649 This Clock Fits The F..
Manufacturer: Glowworm Product Code: GLCL1514
Part No. 0020051514 This Part Fits The Following Glowworm Boilers: Manufacturer Boiler Model Boiler GC No. Glowworm Flexicom 24Cx 47-047-33 Glowworm Flexicom 30Cx   Glowworm Flexicom 35Cx   Glowworm ..
Glowworm 0020117131 Clock Betacom 2 Easicom 2 Genuine
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Manufacturer: Glowworm Product Code: GLCL7131
Part No. 0020117131 This Part Fits The Following Appliances: Manufacturer Boiler Model Boiler GC No. Glowworm Betacom 2 24 47-019-16 Glowworm Betacom 2 28 47-019-17 Glowworm Betaoom 24A 47-019..
Manufacturer: Heatline Product Code: HECL0533
Heatline 0020210533 Mechanical Clock Monza 2 / Capriz 2 PLEASE NOTE: This clock does NOT fit the Monza (1) or Capriz (1) This part is present 4 different boilers in the Heatline range including the Heatline Monza 2 24C, Monza 2 28C, Capriz 2 24C, Capriz 2 28C This Part Fits t..
Manufacturer: Heatline Product Code: HECL111
Programmer Timer / Clock For:Heatline Monza 24 Heatline Monza 28Superceded No 3020113026 ..
Manufacturer: Heatline Product Code: HECL112
Time Clock (Digital) For:Heatline Monza Heatline Capriz Plus ..
Manufacturer: Heatline Product Code: HECL115
Part No. D003200045 / D003200125 This Clock Fits The Following Appliances: Heatline Capriz 25 47-157-12 Heatline Capriz 28 47-157-13 Heatline Capriz 32 Boiler   Heatline Capriz 32S Boiler   ..
Manufacturer: Worcester Product Code: WOCL1300
WORCESTER PROGRAMMER MECHANICALPart Nuber : 87161051300This part fits the following appliance:   Manufacturer Appliance Model Worcester 24Si II RSF COMBI - NATURAL GAS Worcester 28Si II RSF COMBI - NATURAL GAS Worcester BRITISH GAS RD628 RSF COMBI..
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