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Lubricants such as silicone grease and gas cock grease
Manufacturer: Regin Product Code: HAYES41
250g tubWater-repellent, non-melting, tasteless and odourless grease used for electrical insulation purposes and specific lubrication of boiler parts when in contact with potable water. WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme) Approved...
Manufacturer: Hayes Product Code: HAYGREASE100C
Lubricant for flange and screw fittings exposed to many industrial and domestic gases and checmicals.GC3000 - a high quality purpose made product for use in the gas industry. Should be used as a lubricant for gas cocks, taps and valves. It is also highly recommended as a pipe jointing compound..
Manufacturer: Hayes Product Code: HAYSG100
Lubricates rubber, plastics and other materials Used on valves and taps and rubber O' rings Ideal as a plumbers grease Complies with UK water fittings bylaws WRc Approved 100g tube..
Manufacturer: Rocol Product Code: REGM10
Manufacturer: Other Product Code: sg30
Silicone Grease essential when replacing diaphragms and diverter valves. Lubricate glands / spindles. ..
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