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Alpha 3 Way Motor Cartridge Assembly 3.020380
Hot -17 % 2-4 Days
Manufacturer: Alpha Product Code: ALRK0380
Genuine Alpha Part   Part No. 3.020380 This Cartridge Fits The Following Boilers: Manufacturer Boiler Model Boiler GC No. Alpha Intec 24X 47-532-45 Alpha Intec 28X 47-532-46 Alpha Intec 26C 47-532-47 Alpha ..
£119.99 £99.99
Manufacturer: Alpha Product Code: ALRK505
Manufacturer: Alpha Product Code: ALRK8652
 Part No:  3.018652 3 WAY DIVERTER REPAIR KIT FOR :  ALPHACOMPLETE REPAIR KIT: Manufacturer Appliance Model GC Number Alpha CD25C 47-532-31 Alpha CD25C LPG   Alpha CD25X 47-532-39 Alpha CD..
Manufacturer: Ariston Product Code: ARRK410
Part No.: 573603Original Giannoni Diverter Valve Repair Kit:Will Repair The Diverter Valves Of The Following Boilers:Ariston Styx Ariston Challenger 80E Ariston Dia 20 Mffi Ariston Dia 24 Mffi Ariston Styx Sx 20 Ariston Eurocombi Sx20 Mff..
Manufacturer: Ariston Product Code: ARRK509
Repair Kit for Part No :    998069 REPAIR KIT Fits the following boilers:-Ariston Eurocombi A23 Mffi Uk  Ariston Eurocombi A27 Mffi Uk  Ariston Genus 23 Mffi Uk Ariston Genus 27 Mffi Uk Ariston Genus 30 Mffi Uk   ..
Manufacturer: Ariston Product Code: ARRK510
Part No:  573121  / 998069REPAIR KIT Fits the following boilers:- ARISTON- 998069 DIVERTOR VALVE    ..
Manufacturer: Ariston Product Code: ARRK511
PART NO : 997148REPAIR KIT Fits the following boilers:-Ariston    GENUS 27 RFFI TANK LPG - JAN 1999 Ariston    GENUS 27 RFFI TANK LPG - JUN 1998 Ariston    GENUS 27 RFFI TANK LPG - NOV 2000 Ariston    GENUS 27 RFFI TANK NG - ..
Manufacturer: Ariston Product Code: ARRK512
PART NO :  65105060 - 998613REPAIR KIT Fits the following boilers:-Ariston  Microgenus 23 MFFI Ariston  Microgenus 27 MFFI ..
Manufacturer: Baxi Product Code: BARK505
Manufacturer: Biasi Product Code: BIRK509
Fits Part No :  BI1011506 & BI1141500REPAIR KIT Fits the following boilers:-  Biasi 20Se  Biasi 28Se  Biasi 24S  Biasi 28S  Biasi 24Ser  Biasi 24Sr  Prisma 24Se  Biasi 424S  Biasi 428S  Biasi 424Rs Compr..
Manufacturer: Biasi Product Code: BIRK510
Part No: BI1011504REPAIR KIT Fits the following boilers:-  BIASI 24S BIASI 20SE ​BIASI 28S ​BIASI PRISMA 24SE ​BIASI PRISMA 28SE ​BIASI SAVIO GAIA 424S ​BIASI SAVIO GAIA 428S   ..
Manufacturer: Biasi Product Code: BIRK512
PART NO : BI1141501REPAIR KIT Fits the following boilers:-Biasi    GARDA HE M96.24SM/B Biasi    GARDA HE M96.24SM/B2 Biasi    GARDA HE M96.24SM/D Biasi    GARDA HE M96.24SM/D2 Biasi    GARDA HE M96.28SM/B Bia..
Manufacturer: Worcester Product Code: CC9960
WORCESTER Cleaning Kit HE Series 77190019960..
Manufacturer: Altecnic Product Code: DIRTMAG28
 The UK’s first triple action dirt and air separator to feature a revolutionary external magnet is being launched by Altecnic.Designed to offer plumbers complete ease of installation and maintenance, Dirtmag IQ is the first of its kind to offer magnetic, non-magnetic and air removal in two..
Manufacturer: Ideal Product Code: DV3967
This Part Fits The Following Appliances:Ideal Domestic Evo HE C22/30 Ideal Isar HE 24 Ideal Isar HE 30 Ideal Isar HE 35Part Number: 173967 ..
Manufacturer: Other Product Code: FA155
Fan Repair Kit For:Thorn Apollo (4525468)Glowworm Express 80 (432828)Glowworm Swiftflow 80 (452316)Myson Orion (402A2206)Thorn Myson 50/60   (Si4042A2860) ..
Manufacturer: Ferroli Product Code: FEGV7850
Part No. 39817850 This Part Fits The Following Appliances: Manufacturer Boiler Model Boiler GC No. Ferroli Divatop 60 C24   Ferroli Divatop 60 C32   Ferroli Divatop 60 F24   Ferroli Divatop F2..
Manufacturer: Radiant Product Code: FS310KIT
Flowswitch Kit Radiant 96007LpRadiant Flow Switch KitPart Number: 96007LP Please Note. This is the same part as the FS310 but is supplied with a conversion kit to fit the flow switches that have a 1/2" thread on one side and a 3/8" thread on the other side...
Manufacturer: Glowworm Product Code: GLRK720
This kit will fit the following boilers:Betacom 24C Betacom 30CThis Will Repair the 0020064049 Diverter Valve where the water usually starts leaking from the spindle...
Manufacturer: Halstead Product Code: HARK410
Halstead Part No: 851130 Divertor Repair Kit For The Following Boilers:Halstead Quattro Gold Halstead Trio Combi 30/90 Halstead Wickes 2000 Halstead Wickes 30/90Original Giannoni Part   ..
Manufacturer: Halstead Product Code: HARK510
Part No:  840503 FOR THE DIVERTOR VALVEREPAIR KIT Fits the following boilers:- Manufacturer Appliance Model GC Number Halstead ACE FROM AC100000131 47-333-15 Halstead ACE TO AC100000131 47-333-10 Halstead ACE HIGH 47-333..
Manufacturer: Heatline Product Code: HERK510
Part No:  3002194576 FOR THE DIVERTOR VALVEREPAIR KIT Fits the following boilers:-HEATLINE STAR 24  ..
Manufacturer: Heatline Product Code: HERK720
Diverter Valve Repair Kit compatible with the following Heatline Boilers:Heatline Compact C24 Heatline Compact C28 Heatline Capriz 25 Heatline Capriz 28 Heatline Capriz 32 Heatline Vizo 24 Heatline Vizo 28 Heatline Compact S24 Heatline  Compact S30 Heatline Solaris 24 PCS system H..
Manufacturer: Ideal Product Code: IDEP3528
Part No. 173528 This Ignition Electrode Fits The Following Ideal Boilers: Manufacturer Boiler Model Boiler GC No. Ideal Elise He15 41-399-97 Ideal Elise He24 41-399-98 Ideal Esprit 2 - 24HE 47-348-71 Ideal E..
Manufacturer: Ideal Product Code: IDPG0991
Part No. 170991 This Pressure Gauge Fits The Following Ideal Boilers: Manufacturer Boiler Model Boiler GC No. Ideal Esprit 2 - 24HE 47-348-71 Ideal Esprit 2 - 30HE 47-348-72 Ideal Esprit 2 - 35HE 47-348-73 Idea..
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