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BI1011103 Diaphragm 44mm Biasi

BI1011103 Diaphragm 44mm Biasi
  • Stock: In Stock
  • Product Code: BIMB780
  • Part Number: BI1011103

PART NO : BI1011103
Diaphragm for:

Biasi Mvp UkBiasi Garda M90F.24S
Biasi 20SeBiasi Garda M90F.28S
Biasi Prisma 28SeBiasi Garda M90F.32S
Biasi 24S 24SBiasi Garda M90F.24Sr
Biasi 28SBiasi Garda M90F.28Sr
Biasi Prisma 24SerBiasi Riva Compact He M96.24Sm/C
Biasi 24SeBiasi Riva Compact He M96.28Sm/C
Biasi Prisma 24SeBiasi Riva Compact He M96.28Sr/C
Biasi Savio Gaia 424SBiasi Garda He M96.24Sm/B
Biasi Savio Gaia 428SBiasi Garda He M96.28Sm/B
Biasi Savio Gaia 424SrBiasi Garda He M96.24Sm/D
Biasi Parva Se M90.24SBiasi Garda He M96.28Sm/D
Biasi Parva Se M90.28SBiasi Garda He Plus M110.24Sm/E
Biasi Parva Se M90.24SrBiasi Garda He Plus M110.28Se/E
Biasi Parva Se M90.28SrBiasi Riva Plus M90D.24S
Biasi Parva He M96.24Sm/PBiasi Riva Plus M90D.28S
Biasi Parva He M96.28Sm/PBiasi Riva Plus M90D.24Sr
Biasi Parva He M96.32Sm/PBiasi Riva Plus M90D.28Sr
Biasi Parva He M96.28Sr/PBiasi Riva Compact He M96.24Sm/C2
Biasi Parva He M96.32Sr/PBiasi Riva Compact He M96.28Sm/C2
Biasi Riva Compact M90E.24SBiasi Riva Compact He M96.32Sm/C2
Biasi Riva Compact M90E.28SBiasi Riva Compact He M96.28Sr/C2
Biasi Riva Compact M90E.32SBiasi Riva Compact He M96.24Sr/C2
Biasi Riva Advance He Iso M110B.24SmBiasi Riva Compact He Mk2 M96A.24Sr/
Biasi Riva Advance He Iso M110B2SmBiasi Riva Compact He Mk2 M96A.28Sr/

Size 45Mm


Heating Spares
Part TypeDiaphragms

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