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Boiler Timer Clock For Heatline 24V DC D003200045 / D003200125

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Boiler Timer Clock For Heatline 24V DC D003200045 / D003200125
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  • Product Code: HECL115
  • Superceded No.: 3003200045 / 3003
  • Part Number: D003200045 / D003200125
Part No.D003200045 / D003200125
This Clock Fits The Following Appliances:
HeatlineCapriz 2547-157-12
HeatlineCapriz 2847-157-13
HeatlineCapriz 32 Boiler 
HeatlineCapriz 32S Boiler 
HeatlineCompact C2447-157-06
HeatlineCompact C2847-157-07
HeatlineCompact S20S41-157-01
HeatlineCompact S24 White47-157-02
HeatlineCompact S24S41-157-02
HeatlineCompact S30 White47-157-03
HeatlineCompact S30S41-157-03
HeatlineSolaris 24 Pc Premix47-157-04
HeatlineSolaris 24 Pcs System41-157-06
HeatlineSolaris 30 Pc Premix47-157-05
HeatlineSolaris 30 Pcs System41-157-07
HeatlineHydroline B2447-157-06
HeatlineVizo 2447-157-08
HeatlineVizo 2847-157-09
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