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Thermostats used in boilers to control the boiler or detect overheating. Control thermostats usually have a remote capillary tube attached to them and have a variable cut off temperature. Overheat thermostats or limit thermostats are designed to cut off the boiler at a set temperature. Most will reset when the temperature lowers whilst some of the need to be reset via a pushbutton.
Manufacturer: Glowworm Product Code: GLST1584
Part No. 0020061584 This Part Fits The Following Appliances: Manufacturer Boiler Model Boiler GC No. Glowworm Betacom 24C   Glowworm Betacom 30C  ..
Manufacturer: Ravenheat Product Code: RAFU10300
Ravenheat Flue  Fuse  ..
Manufacturer: Other Product Code: ST063
Overheat Thermostat Max. Temperature 63ºc (+/- 5ºc) ..
Manufacturer: Other Product Code: ST070
Overheat Thermostat Max. Temperature 70ºc (+/- 5ºc) ..
Manufacturer: Other Product Code: ST080
Overheat Thermostat Max. Temperature 80ºc (+/- 5ºc) ..
Manufacturer: Other Product Code: ST085
Overheat Thermostat Max. Temperature 85ºc (+/- 5ºc) ..
Manufacturer: Main Product Code: ST0870
Part No. 5110870 This Part Fits The Following Appliances: Manufacturer Boiler Model Boiler GC No. Main Multipoint BF 52-467-01 Please note the new syle thermostat in the main image.The second image and image below is of the old style th..
Manufacturer: Other Product Code: ST090
Overheat Thermostat Max. Temperature 90ºc (+/- 5ºc) ..
Manufacturer: Other Product Code: ST095
Overheat Thermostat Max. Temperature 95ºc (+/- 5ºc) ..
Manufacturer: Other Product Code: ST100
Overheat Thermostat Max. Temperature 100ºc (+/- 5ºc) ..
Manufacturer: Other Product Code: ST105
Overheat Thermostat Max. Temperature 105ºc (+/- 5ºc) ..
Manufacturer: Other Product Code: ST110
Overheat Thermostat Max. Temperature 110ºc (+/- 5ºc) ..
Manufacturer: Other Product Code: ST115
Overheat Thermostat Max. Temperature 75ºc (+/- 5ºc) ..
Manufacturer: Other Product Code: ST120
Overheat ThermostatMax. Temperature 120ºc (+/- 5ºc)  ..
Manufacturer: Other Product Code: ST130
Overheat ThermostatMax. Temperature 130ºc (+/- 5ºc) ..
Manufacturer: Worcester Product Code: ST1960
Manufacturer: Worcester Product Code: ST2000
Manufacturer: Biasi Product Code: ST230
 Biasi Overheat Stat For:Biasi 24S / SE Biasi 24 SR Biasi 28S Biasi Gaia 424S / RS Biasi Gaia 428S Biasi Garda 24SE / SER Biasi Garda 28SE / SER Biasi Prisma 24SE / SER Biasi Prisma 28SE Biasi Riva 24SE / SER Biasi Riva 28SE..
Manufacturer: Worcester Product Code: ST2670
WORCESTER greenstar 12i Rsf boiler lpg temperature limiter 87105062670..
Manufacturer: Worcester Product Code: ST3030
WORCESTER OVERHEAT STAT 87161423030This Part Fits the following appliances: Manufacturer Appliance Model GC Number Worcester 15SBi RSF FAN FLUED   Worcester 24CDi BF COMBI - NATURAL GAS   Worcester 24CDi OF COMBI - LPG ..
Manufacturer: Worcester Product Code: ST3070
WORCESTER T/STAT RANCO LM7 P9024 (LIMIT) 87161423070 ..
Manufacturer: Worcester Product Code: ST3090
Manufacturer: Worcester Product Code: ST3100
Manufacturer: Worcester Product Code: ST3110
WORCESTER T/STAT HIGH LIMIT L07-P1022 87161423110 ..
Manufacturer: Worcester Product Code: ST3130
WORCESTER T/STAT DHW K36-P1340-000 87161423130 ..
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