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Pumps or circulators are used to pump the water around the central heating system
Manufacturer: Other Product Code: 12345
This is only for special order items.Only order after having Spoken To Us  ..
Manufacturer: Biasi Product Code: BIPU985
Circulating Pump (Head Only) For:Biasi Garda He M96Biasi Garda He PlusBiasi Riva Advance HeBiasi Riva Compact He  ..
Manufacturer: Biasi Product Code: BIPU986
Circulating Pump (Head Only) For:Biasi Garda He M96 Biasi Garda He Plus Biasi Riva Advance He Biasi Riva Compact He ..
Manufacturer: Other Product Code: BPUMP
Circulating Pump designed to replace most domestic circulators in central heating systems. Especially used by engineer to replace pumps in systems with microbore piping.130mm Pipe connections 1 1/2 " Standard connections Max Power 100w..
Manufacturer: Ideal Product Code: IDPU1037
Part No. 171037 This Part Fits The Following Appliances: Manufacturer Boiler Model Boiler GC No. Ideal Esprit 2 - 24HE   Ideal Esprit 2 - 30HE   Ideal Esprit 2 - 35HE   Ideal Evo HE C22/24 ..
Manufacturer: Ideal Product Code: IDPU985
Manufacturers Part Number: 173778 Circulating Pump (Head Only) For:Ideal Europa 224 Boiler Ideal Europa 228 Boiler Ideal Europa 232 Boiler Ideal Mini C24 ​Ideal Mini C28 ​Ideal Mini C32 ..
Manufacturer: Ideal Product Code: IDPU986
Circulating Pump (Head Only) For:Ideal Europa 224 Boiler Ideal Europa 228 Boiler Ideal Europa 232 Boiler Ideal Mini C24 ​Ideal Mini C28 ​Ideal Mini C32 ..
Manufacturer: Ideal Product Code: PU0990
This Part Fits The Following Appliance:Ideal Domestic Evo HE C22/24 Ideal Domestic Evo HE C22/35 Ideal Domestic Icos System HE 24 Ideal Domestic Icos System M3080 Ideal Domestic Isar HE 24 Ideal Domestic Isar HE 30 Ideal Domestic Isar HE 35 Ideal Domestic Isar M30100Part Number: 170990 R..
Manufacturer: Worcester Product Code: PU1020
WORCESTER PUMP UPS 15-60 87161431020 ..
Manufacturer: Worcester Product Code: PU1030
WORCESTER Pump c/w O- Rings 87161431030 ..
Manufacturer: Grundfos Product Code: PU105
Grundfos Circulating Pump 15/50 (5 Meter)  Can Be Used As A Pump Or A Pump Head ..
Manufacturer: Worcester Product Code: PU1050
WORCESTER PUMP UPS 15-60 12 OCL(50526639) 87161431050 ..
Manufacturer: Worcester Product Code: PU1080
WORCESTER PUMP GRUNDFOS 59506607 87161431080 ..
Manufacturer: Grundfos Product Code: PU110
Grundfos Circulating Pump 15/60 (6 Meter)Can Be Used As A Pump Or A Pump Head UPSO 15-65 130 ..
Manufacturer: Worcester Product Code: PU1160
WORCESTER Pump 24Si II 28SI II 87161431160 ..
Manufacturer: Grundfos Product Code: PU120
Grundfos Pump 1" Plastic Body Can Be Used For Open Circuit / Potable Applications ..
Manufacturer: Worcester Product Code: PU2460
WORCESTER PUMP 87161082460 ..
Manufacturer: Worcester Product Code: PU3410
WORCESTER PUMP R40 BIO FUEL 87186893410 ..
Manufacturer: Worcester Product Code: PU3420
Manufacturer: Worcester Product Code: PU3540
WORCESTER PUMP DDPWM 15-60 230V 50HZ ASSEMBLY 87161063540New Part Number 8716119824 ..
Manufacturer: Worcester Product Code: PU3550
WORCESTER Pump Assembly 3 speed 87161063550 ..
Manufacturer: Grundfos Product Code: PU400
Grundfos Circulating Pump 15/50 (5 Meter) 1½ BspPlease Note 25/50 Is Same As 15/50Pump Supplied may be a 25-55 which is a direct replacement for a 15-50 ..
Manufacturer: Grundfos Product Code: PU500
Grundfos Circulating Pump 15/60 (6 Meter) 1½ BspPlease Note 25/60 Is Same As 15/60 ..
Manufacturer: Worcester Product Code: PU5930
WORCESTER 15-50 PUMP HEAD STD 87161135930 ..
Manufacturer: Worcester Product Code: PU5940
WORCESTER 15/60 PUMP HEAD 87161135940 STD 8716113594024i RSF ..
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