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Manufacturer: Main Product Code: BAHW538
Honeywell Gas Valve For:Main 9He Main 12He Main 15He Main 18He Main 24HeMain Part Number 5112334..
Baxi Temperature Sensor 5111387
2-4 Days
Manufacturer: Main Product Code: BATS1387
Part No. 5111387 This Part Fits The Following Appliances: Manufacturer Boiler Model Boiler GC No. Main Multipoint FF 52-467-01..
Manufacturer: Main Product Code: MAAP400
New style replacement air pressure switch kit for:MAIN Air Pressure Switch Replacement for 5112999 Main 24HEOriginal manufacturers part. ..
Manufacturer: Main Product Code: MADV331
 Diverter Valve For: MAINMain Combi 24 Main Combi 24He Main Combi 30HeClick Here if you require washers for this product  ..
Manufacturer: Main Product Code: MADV335
Diverter Valve For: MAINMAIN MAIN COMBI 24 MAIN MAIN COMBI 24HE MAIN MAIN COMBI 30HEClick Here if you require washers for this product   ..
Manufacturer: Main Product Code: MADV422
 Gland For:Main Combi 24 Main Combi 24HE Main Combi 30 HE..
Manufacturer: Main Product Code: MADV8301
Diverter Motor For: Main  COMBI 25 ECO    47-467-01 Main  COMBI 30 ECO    47-467-03..
Manufacturer: Main Product Code: MAHE355
 ORIGINALPART NO.:248046PLATE HEAT EXCHANGER FOR:MAIN MAIN COMBI 24MAIN MAIN COMBI 24 HEDISTANCE BETWEEN C/C HOLES ................175mm x 44mmDISTANCE BETWEEN LUGS..........................160mmNUMBER OF PLATES.....................................14 ..
Manufacturer: Main Product Code: MAHE356
Part no.: 248048  Original Plate Heat Exchanger - 16 Plate  (Dhw) For:Main Combi 30 ECO Main Combi 25 ECO Main Combi 30 HE Main Eco Elite Combi..
Manufacturer: Main Product Code: MAHW540
PART NO.: 245341SUPERSEDED: 248084 / B245341Honeywell Gas No:  Vk4105G 1005 Honeywell Gas Valve For: MAIN COMBI 24..
Manufacturer: Main Product Code: MAHW552
PART NO.: 245341 - 5106967SUPERSEDED: 248084 / B245341 / 245004Honeywell Gas No: Vk4105G 1179 Honeywell Gas Valve For:MAIN MAIN COMBI 24  ..
Manufacturer: Main Product Code: MAHW562
PART NO.: 5107339SUPERSEDED: 248085Honeywell Gas No: Vk4105M5108 Honeywell Gas Valve For: MAINMAIN MAIN COMBI 24HE MAIN MAIN COMBI 30HE MAIN MAIN SYSTEM 18HE MAIN MAIN SYSTEM 24HE MAIN MAIN SYSTEM 28HEPlease note you may need to convert the modureg spade connectors t..
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