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Gas Valves

Multifunctional gas valves for boilers and other gas appliances
Manufacturer: Baxi Product Code: HW230
PART NO.: 236129BAXSUPERSEDED: 233888 / 9101820 / 9944131Honeywell No: V4600C 1417 Honeywell Gas Valve For: Baxi Bermuda 45/3 ManualBaxi Bermuda 45/4 ManualBaxi Bermuda 57/3 ManualBaxi Bermuda 57/4 ManualBaxi Bermuda Inset 50/3BAXI BERMUDA INSET 50/4 ASD  ..
Manufacturer: Worcester Product Code: HW235
 This part also fits the following:  Part Number: 87161567080 WORCESTER 240 BSN NG COMBI WORCESTER 240 BSP LPG COMBI WORCESTER 240 OSN NG COMBI..
Manufacturer: Ariston Product Code: HW240
Honeywell  part no:  V4600N 2022 Manufacturers Code: 566096Honeywell Gas Valve For: Ariston ..
Manufacturer: Ferroli Product Code: HW250
Manufacturer: Worcester Product Code: HW260
 PART NO.: 87161424480SUPERSEDED: ZAGAS321HONEYWELL GAS VALVE FOR:   V4600Q 2125 WORCESTER HIGHFLOW 400 BFWORCESTER HIGHFLOW 400This part is obsolete there for the box will not be in the best of condition as the obsolete parts are stacked up in a container and cpould take few da..
Manufacturer: Glowworm Product Code: HW310
PART NO.: 800046Honeywell Gas No: V4700C 4014 Honeywell Gas Valve For: GLOWWORM FUELSAVER 60 R MKII  1998 GLOWWORM FUELSAVER 75 R MKII  1998 GLOWWORM ECONOMY PLUS 75 CF 1992 AVA GLOWWORM ECONOMY PLUS 60 CF 1992 AVA..
Manufacturer: Ideal Product Code: HW320
Honeywell Gas Valve For: HONEYWELL GAS VALVE FOR:THORN APOLLO THORN MARATHONPART NO.: 102235  - 078560 SUPERSEDED: 102235POT / 151683GLOWWORM ULTIMATE GLOWWORM SPACE SAVERPART NUMBER: 429549V4700E 1049 V4700E 1064 V4700E 1056 V4700E 1098 ..
Manufacturer: Ideal Product Code: HW330
 Honeywell V4700E1072 240v Gas Valve. This Honeywell  Gas Valve fits the following Ideal boilers: ELAN 2 CF 230ELAN 2 CF 240ELAN 2 CF 250ELAN 2 CF 260ELAN 2 RS 230ELAN 2 RS 240ELAN 2 RS 250ELAN 2 RS 260ELAN 2 RS 275CLASSIC RS 30CLASSIC RS 40CLASSIC..
Manufacturer: Glowworm Product Code: HW405
Gloworm Fuelsaver / Multi Fit Replaces V8600C1020 & V8600C1145 203310 ..
Manufacturer: Ferroli Product Code: HW503
Honeywell Gas Valve For: Ferroli Tempra ..
Manufacturer: Ravenheat Product Code: HW505
Part No : 0008VAL06006/0Vk4100C 1034Gas valve for Ravenheat Csi Primary Condensing  ..
Manufacturer: Ravenheat Product Code: HW507
Honeywell Gas Valve For:Ravenheat Csi 85 (T)Ravenheat Csi 85 (Condensing)Ravenheat Csi 85 A (T)Ravenheat Csi 85 A (Condensing)Ravenheat Csi 85 B (T)Ravenheat Csi 85 B (Condensing)Ravenheat Csi SystemRavenheat Rsf 100ERavenheat Rsf 82ERavenheat Rsf 84E ..
Manufacturer: Vokera Product Code: HW510
Vokera gas valve:Part number: Vk4100N 2022  VK41/ VK81series..
Manufacturer: Ravenheat Product Code: HW512
Ravenheat 84 Et..
Manufacturer: Alpha Product Code: HW520
Part No: 6.5644680Honeywell Part No:  VK4105A 1027Honeywell Gas Valve For:Alpha 240EAlpha 240XeAlpha 280EAlpha 500E ..
Manufacturer: Radiant Product Code: HW523
Honeywell Gas Valve for Radiant Boilers:Honeywell No. VK4105A1035 Radiant Part Number: 36064LA ..
Manufacturer: Vokera Product Code: HW526
Honeywell Gas Valve For: VK4105A 1050Vokera Maxin 24EVokera Maxin 28EVokera Mynute 10 SeVokera Mynute 14 SeVokera Mynute 20 Se ..
Manufacturer: Potterton Product Code: HW530
Part No: 402552Honeywell Gas Valve For: Potterton Suprima 100 Potterton Suprima 100L..
Manufacturer: Vokera Product Code: HW534
Honeywell VK4105C 1025 Gas Valve ( Vokera Mynute)..
Manufacturer: Vokera Product Code: HW535
Honeywell Gas Valve For:Vokera Mynute 10 Se Vokera Mynute 14 Se Vokera Mynute 20 Se Vokera Mynute 28 Se..
Manufacturer: Potterton Product Code: HW536
Honeywell Gas Valve For:Potterton Suprima 30Potterton Suprima 40Potterton Suprima 50Potterton Suprima 60Potterton Suprima 70Potterton Suprima 80 ..
Manufacturer: Radiant Product Code: HW546
Honeywell Gas Valve For:Glowworm Compact 100 Sealed SystemGlowworm Compact 100EGlowworm Compact 60 Sealed SystemGlowworm Compact 75E Glowworm Compact 80E ..
Manufacturer: Ferroli Product Code: HW550
Honeywell Gas Valve For:Ferroli Domina 80E Ferroli Domina 80N Ferroli F24B Ferroli F24E Ferroli Falcon Ferroli Falcon 2 Ferroli Modena 102 Ferroli Modena 80 Ferroli Tempra 12 Ferroli Tempra 18 Ferroli Tempra 24 Ferroli Tempra 30..
Manufacturer: Halstead Product Code: HW553
Honeywell Gas Valve For:Halstead Ace Halstead Ace High Halstead Wickes Combi 102 Halstead Wickes Combi 82..
Manufacturer: Glowworm Product Code: HW556
Honeywell Gas Valve For:Glowworm Swiftflow 75E Glowworm Swiftflow 80E Glowworm Swiftflow 100E..
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